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Hello Leesburg Community Businesses:

On behalf of the Leesburg Yellow Jackets, we solicit your support for our Positive Behavior Support Program (PBS). PBS is a program that spotlights positive behaviors and decreases negative ones. When students adhere to our school expectations (APP= Pride in their Appearance, Being Polite, and Being Punctual) they can receive a “Bee Buck”. The Bee Buck is a token that they can used to purchase items once a week at our school store.

A BEE Buck is reward for displaying any of the behaviors below:

· Showing Academic Improvement

· Showing Behavior Improvement

· Adhering to Expectations

· Always being Prepared

· Constantly being Punctual

· Demonstrating Politeness

· Being consistently Respectful


Suggested donations:

Hair or costume jewelry accessories

Age appropriate school pencils, pens, notebooks, pack backs, etc

Clothing apparel

Tickets to any restaurant, movies, theater, or entertainment venue

Novelty items-sports, cards, etc


Contact LHS Community & Business Coordinator:

Ivett L. Ortiz, M.Ed./Administration and Supervision

Potential Specialist

Leesburg High School

352-787-5047 Ext. 7032