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10th Grade This Week

February 19th to February 23rd

Feb 19 Monday President's Day (No School)
Feb 20 Tuesday Media Center
Standards Practice RL.2.5
Feb 21 Wednesday FSA Informational Crash Course
Day 1: Introduction and Thesis
Feb 22 Thursday FSA Informational Crash Course
Day 2: Body and Topic Sentences
Feb 23 Friday FSA Informational Crash Course
Day 3: Conclusion

10th Grade Syllabus

Welcome to English 2

     Welcome to English 2 at Leesburg High School.  My name is Mr. King and I’ll be your instructor.  This syllabus outlines my classroom rules, procedures, expectations, and grading policy.  Please feel free to communicate any questions or concerns using my contact information above.  I look forward to a productive and enjoyable year.

Class Description

     The purpose of English 2 is to provide tenth-grade students with an integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation and readiness.  English 2 will use complex and varied texts including poetry, short story, novel/novella, speech, drama, editorial/journalistic, and civic documents.


     Students will be able to read, write, speak, and listen for the purposes of explanation, argumentation, comparison, evaluation, narration, research, and analysis.

Daily Schedule (in general)

  • Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics:  We will correct social media posts for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Reading, Lecture, and Discussion:  We will read and talk together.
  • Classwork:  We will participate in individual and group activities including writing, games, assessments, creative work, and research.

Class Rules

  1. Be respectful and honest.
  2. Come to class on time, in appropriate clothes, and with appropriate resources.
  3. All mobile devices should be off and in a bag, backpack, or purse unless otherwise instructed.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Work for the day can be found on the Common Board as well as
  • All writing assignments should be completed using an appropriate format and Standard English spelling, grammar, and mechanics.
  • Students leaving class must have a pass.  Mobile devices must be left in classroom during bathroom breaks.  Don’t forget to sign out and in!
  • Binder should include daily etymology, class notes, and other important documents.
  • The instructor dismisses the class.


     Assignments are broken down into two categories:

  • Essays, Projects, and Presentations (CPTs and RSAs) - 50%
  • Classwork (Etymologies, Group Work, Quizzes, Responses, etc.) - 50%

     All grades will be posted to Skyward within one week of the due date.  Progress Report and Report Card schedules will be posted in the classroom.

Make-up and Late Work

     Students with excused absences are responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to make up work and assignments missed while absent. Please understand all missed work is due within five days after their return to school with the following exceptions:

  • Tests or exams assigned prior to absence will be taken on the day student returns to school unless there are extenuating circumstances;
  • Work assigned prior to absence and due while absent, will be due on the day student returns to school;
  • Long-term assignments must be turned in on the day the student returns to school, e.g. book reports, research papers, etc.;
  • Long-term assignments submitted after first day student returns to school will result in a grade reduction of no more than 10% per day;
  • Students checking in and out on the day a long-term assignment is due must turn the assignment in by the end of that school day for it to be accepted as on time.

     Students are encouraged to arrange a meeting with teacher before or after school to discuss grades, obtain make-up work, or receive assistance.  Most everything is fixable!


     As a class, we will be responsible for a set of English textbooks on loan from the media center.  Individually, you will be given a Performance Assessment workbook and Close Reader.

     In addition to your texts, you will be expected to bring the following to class each day:

  • Three-ring Binder with Dividers
  • Lined paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Highlighter

Cheating and Plagiarism

     The Lake County Schools Code of Student Conduct defines plagiarism as “the use of ideas or words of another as one’s own; work presented as new and original, [or] an idea or product derived from an existing source” (2015, p.36).  Plagiarism or cheating of any kind will not be tolerated – those who choose to plagiarize or cheat will receive a zero on the assignment and will be subject to other appropriate disciplinary action.  Remember that “group work” means everyone works.

Revised 2018-01-07