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Susan McAleer (Ms. Mac)

Freshman Foundations

Wishing you the best.....

Oh my, here we are again. Another year in the books. I cannot express how proud I am of all of you. This was not an easy year and each one of you have seen little victories.  Please know that I will keep a piece of each of you in my heart. Thank you for a wonderful year! 

As you know guys the powerpoints are posted on Schoology. If you miss something in class you will find what you need there. 

To all who are visiting my LHS web page, WELCOME~!

My name is Susan McAleer, the students call me Ms. Mac/Momma Mac. I am a Boston girl who is lucky enough to be teaching here at the exciting Leesburg High School.  I have the very strong belief of NO STUDENT is a throwaway~! Every child has amazing potential and it is my job to help each student discover theirs. 

All students can learn and each day I will do my best to create the conditions to help you achieve at least one year’s academic growth this year. I believe that all we do as teachers should be guided by what is best for students’ welfare, growth, and future. A non-threatening classroom climate is essential for all students to have the opportunity to learn.  I have a “zero tolerance” policy for behavior that is demeaning, threatening, or disrespectful to any student or myself.

Additionally, I know that you face challenges that people my age did not.  Today school is more demanding because the marketplace demands more from you, athletic teams are more competitive, college entrance requirements are higher, and the temptations that you face out of school are certainly more dangerous than the ones I faced.  That said, by working together you will make progress towards reaching your life goals.

YOU are the reason that I teach.  It is the relationships that we will develop that makes my job rewarding.  I have made these comments because I want you to know that I respect teenagers and am aware that you face challenges.  Like many before you, you will excel and become a stronger, better person because of the challenges that you face.  Let’s have a great year together.