GSA is a club that has been recently added here at Leesburg High School. The GSA is a “Gay Straight Alliance.” This club's faculty advisor is Mr. King and the club President is Skylar Dean Rooney.

The GSA is a club that accepts everyone no matter what sexuality, gender, etc. It provides a safe place for everyone to share their opinions and be who they are without judgement. They hold meetings every Tuesday during the entire power hour, although you are allowed to come and leave as you please. The club provides food and drinks for all members during select meetings. In the most recent meetings, they have covered the safety contract, gender steryotypes, biphobia, asexuality, and suicide awareness. So far, the club has “20 –30  members” and is quickly gaining more as time goes on.

"Everyone is welcomed with open arms into the GSA club - gay, straight, transgender, pansexual, etc. Whatever it may be, you are welcomed and we are honored to have anyone.” The GSA strives to create a non-judgmental environment and wants to prove that we are all equal as we are. As said by Skyalr Dean Rooney, "The GSA has been created to promote love, tolerance, acceptance,  information, and to provide a safe place to anyone who needs it." 

Overall, this club is a great way to feel accepted for who you are and to spread the fact that you are great, just the way you are.