Many staff and sudents worked hard to organize a pep rally that had dancing, athletes, and even Powder Puff cheerleaders. Ms. Browning said, "It was awesome! Mrs. O.T was a great coach and made it a lot of fun! I think that the dance team and cheerleaders did amazing and I had a blast being involved." Although plenty of people had the best time, getting everything together was a challenge. Mrs. Olivares-Torres stated "Getting everyone to practice on the same day and time was tough. We had almost 75 people dancing at the pep rally, so getting them all on the same timing and steps was a bit difficult, but it was all worth i.t" Clearly, organizing was the most difficult part of getting the pep rally ready for Leesburg High School. 

       Mr. Brengel hosted this fablous event. "Hosting the rep rally is always a lot of fun-it's rare that we ever get the whole school in one place at one time, and to do it with an event soiely focused on school spirit is an added bonus." He kept the event running smoothly with little to no flaws. If you skipped the pep rally, you missed out on an spectacular event.