The first day of school is a spectacular and very important day for many students. "Coming live from building five," Mr. Neal thinks so as well. "It exceeded expectations, everything went very smoothly, we're off to a great start," he stated. The first day of school was August 10, 2016 and started at 7:15 in the morning. One student, Syivana Alcidor, 10th grade, stated "Personally, it was terrible because I had homework and I woke up early." So clearly, she was not happy with her first day experience. However, Mr. Wesolowski, an art teachers stated, "It's always nice to get back to work at something I am passionate about which is helping to inspire growth and acheivement in the artistic process." Mr. Neal stated, "What I like most is working with the students." This important first day went well for some students, teachers, and staff members, however, for others, their first day of school didn't go well. Hopefully all will have a great year regardless of how their first day went.