Mrs. Striker is the new teacher at Leesburg High School who teachers Musical Theater and Chorus. She likes teaching Musical Theater and Chorus because, "It's a little like putting together a puzzle, and I like how the different pieces and parts come together and you can't really see the finished picture until it's all done." What Mrs. Striker hopes to achieve this year is to "continue the excellent program Mrs. Elton had here previously, while at the same time establishing my own traditions." When asked what Mrs. Stiker hopes her students learn about her this year she stated, "I would say I love music." When asked why Mrs. Striker decided to teach Musical Theater and Chorus she responded, "I couldn't really imagine not doing music every single day." Mrs. Striker is one of the wonderful teachers here at Leesburg High School. Everyone should get a chance to meet her. All are invited to attend Musical Theater and Chorus events.