Welcome to the inside scoop of Leesburg High School's newest dance class.

This dance class is being instructed by Mrs. Olivares-Torres (Ms. OT), who has been in the dance industry since she was 17. All students were given the chance to sign up for this elective at the end of the 2015-2016 school year on their elective choice sheets. "My favorite thing about dance is the skills that [Dance] teaches my students, it teaches them social skills, mastery skills, rhythm and movement," stated Mrs. OT. Since this is the first year for the class, Mrs. OT is building skills and teaching theory as well as actual moves. This year Mrs. OT plans for the students to be dancing at the pep rally, the PRISM Christmas concert, and the spring musical. "The dance course is good practice for students who are already involved in outside dance programs," said freshmen Kylee Corneliussen. "Other students can learn new styles and techniques in dance," Kylee stated. "It’s never too late to start [Dancing],” Mrs. OT informs all students.

"Dancers are the athletes of god."
-Albert Einstein