The Tavares, renaissance fair is a fun, active medieval time where there is royalty, pirates, gypsies, fairies, and dragons. People dress up, eat turkey legs, and have sword fights. In addition, different artists bring their work to sell at the fair. From clothing to paintings to jewelry all the way to clay sculptures, there is nothing you can't find at the fair.

A well-known high school, Lake Minneola, held auditions for their students to be either royalty, middle class, or peasants. It took one girl three years to become royalty. The students and actors demonstrated how it was like to live in the Renaissance. Other schools also participated in the fair. Leesburg High School’s culinary arts team joined in on the fun, making turkey legs, French Fries, burgers, and much more. Tavares High School’s ROTC helped as well. Some of the students volunteered to help food stands, help carry boxes, and transport supplies to vendors.

People from all over wanted to be at the Renaissance Fair. Two men in the U.S. Air Force drove hours from Georgia, just to be at this fair. One of the men, Logan, was dressed in a kilt to participate in the fun. He was chosen be a pirate to join other pirates on the stage. The pirates sang to him and the audience. They never broke character. Logan loves to participate every year at different renaissance fairs. Logan said, “The Renaissance Fair in Minnesota was a little bit bigger than this one, but there are a lot more activities to do here. Everyone is more involved.”