A.V.I.D. is a program that invests in students who join the program by helping them develop skills that will help them in the future. A.V.I.D. stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. A.V.I.D. also teaches you about some colleges the students are interested in based on the major the student wants to exel in. The A.V.I.D. Program takes field trips to colleges to see what the college looks like. Even if the student does not know the major they are interested in, the program helps them identify a major that suits them best. A.V.I.D. also helps the student improve in areas they need help with using Tutorial Request Forms, also known as TRFs.

When asked, Teacher Mr. Herold fielded some questions about the program. The question was, "What is the main focus of A.V.I.D., and how does A.V.I.D. help students?" He responded, "The main focus of A.V.I.D. is to help students achieve their goal." According to Mr. Herold, "I put my A.V.I.D. students at a pedestal above all the rest of LHS. I expect them to meet my expectations and to have high expectations for themselves."

One A.V.I.D. student stated, "What I like about being in A.V.I.D., is being able to grow as a student, and participate, and being able to help my peers because that is what an A.V.I.D. student must do, it is a requirement. There are many opportunities that A.V.I.D. gives you, for example there are volunteer hours that A.V.I.D can give you, and from those volunteer hours, you can get scholarships and more things that will help you in the near future.