N.H.S is the National Honor Society. The N.H.S has been a traditon at Leesburg High School and all over the United States for many years. Currently, Mrs.Clark is the adviser for N.H.S. This year we can expect N.H.S. to conduct many fundraisers. To be apart of N.H.S. you must maintain a 3.0 GPA, have an expectional amount of commmunity service extra ativity hours away from school, and be a good and positive role model for others. 

N.H.S. is all about recognizing students for their outstanding scholastic and community achievment while improving the lives of others. Being able to participate in clubs, extra-curricular activities, and maintian good grades in school is something N.H.S. looks very highly at. Awards are given to students who do the best overall but being in the group is an 'honor' itself hence the name.