As a team at LHS, it is expected that the basketball players come together and make a connection with each other. "We spend so much time together that we have become a family, so I already look at my players as my kids," Coach Campbell stated. "Just like any parent, you want your child to grow and be successful, so as a coaching staff, we try to promote an atmosphere where our players can develop discipline, character and a skillset that enables them to be successful, both on the court and off of it." This bond that the players have with each other makes it easier to accomplish the goal of winning as many games as possible.

     Imagine what the players must be going through with all eyes are on them, trying to make the basketball shot. "I look on to the next player and don't think about it," Lance Erving replied when asked how it feels when everyone is watching and you miss the shot. Even though he might miss the shot, he doesn't worry, because "the most I ever scored in a game was 20 points because I was being aggressive." Erving contributes his best each and every game, and that's what matters. 

     The basketball season has already started for both Junior Varsity and Varsity. Come out and support Leesburg High's basketball players! Hope to see you there!