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Important Dates 2017-18

Dates of Importance:

September 25 (Monday):  PARENT MEETING   6:00PM in the Weight Room

** The Parent Meeting is MANDATORY for all NEW and RETURNING Lifters**

October 9 (Monday):  1st Official Day of Practice (Lift-a-Thon)

October 23 (Monday):  Money Due from Lift-a-Thon

October 24 (Tuesday):  Pre-Season meet @ Mount Dora (S. Sumter/M. Dora/ M. Dora Christian)

November 2 (Thursday):  Mount Dora Christian @ Leesburg (1st Regular Season meet)

November 7 (Tuesday): Umatilla @ Leesburg

November 16 (Thursday):  Leesburg @ Mount Dora (Eustis)

Novemeber 29 (Wednesday):  Leesburg @ Tavares (M. Dora Christian)

December 5 (Tuesday):  Leesburg @ Umatilla

December 8 (Friday):  Leesburg @ Baker County Invitational

December 15 (Friday):  Leesburg @ River Ridge Invitational

January 3, 2018:  State Entry List Due

January 5-6; 8-13, 2018:  District Championship

January 17-20, 2018:  Regional Championship

February 2-3, 2018:  FHSAA State Championships (Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, FL) 

* A meet or two may be added in the next few weeks. 

** The parent meeting is mandatory for both lifters and parents in order for all members of this program to be on the exact same page.

Class 1A - Region 5 - District 9

The following schools are in our District for the 2017-18 season:

  • Belleview High
  • Eustis High
  • Lake Weir
  • Leesburg
  • Mount Dora
  • Mount Dora Christian
  • South Lake
  • Tavares
  • Trinity Catholic (Ocala)
  • Umatilla
  • The Villages
  • Wildwood

* The schools listed above will compete their Top 20 lifters (2 per weight class) at our District Championship during the window of dates set aside for that meet. 

** The Top 6 lifters per Weight Class (10 weight classes) will advance to the Regional Championship during the designated window set aside for that meet.

*** At Regionals, we will take the Top 6 from each of our Weight Classes at our District meet and compete with the Top 6 lifters of each weight class from District 10 meet.  This creates our Regional meet during the Jan. 17-20, 2018 window. 

**** All locations of the District and Regional meet will be determined at our District meeting in the upcoming weeks.

2017-18 Season Welcome Page

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown

Thank you for viewing the Welcome Page of the 2017-18 Leesburg High School Girls Weightlifting program.  On this page you will be able to locate calendar of events, dates of importance, meet schedule, training schedules, pictures of past teams, history of the program, and many other items pertaining to the LHS Girls Weightlifting program.  

This is my 11th year at Leesburg High School, and we are entering the 9th season of existence for the Girls Weightlifting program.  It has been a very enjoyable experience building this program from the ground up.  I am the only coach to ever run this program, and as I have grown as a coach, my lifters have improved conisderably as well.  We have a rich tradition of success in this program, and we have routinely represented Leesburg High School at the FHSAA State Finals (2011, '12, '13, '15, '16, & '17).  In additon to our competition successes, the Leesburg High School Girls Weightlifting program has earned Academic All-State recognition for the past 7 seasons (2011-2017).  

Our LHS Girls Weightlifting program is a proud representation of the great student-athletes that Leesburg High School possesses.  As we enter the 2017-18 season, we look to restore all of our traditions of excellence.  This starts with our preparations, handling the regular season opponents, competing well in our tournaments, taking back our District crown, winning Regionals, and making our run at the FHSAA State Championship.  These are our team goals.  We have a sharp group of veteran lifters returning, and we are welcoming this year's new talent to continue developing high performing lifters.    

Thank you for your interest,

Coach Boyer

Leebsurg Girls & Boys Varsity Weightlifting

USA Weightlifting Club Coach

Weight Class Tutorial

At Least 2 Deep in Every Weight Class

Leesburg High School Girls Weightlifting

Listed below are some basic details to the sport of FHSAA Girls Weightlifting.

Weight Classes:  10 Weight Classes

101 lbs class- Bodyweight of 101.0 lbs and less. 

110 lbs class- Bodyweight from 101.1 lbs to 110.0 lbs. 

119 lbs class- Bodyweight from 110.1 lbs to 119.0 lbs 

129 lbs class- Bodyweight from 119.1 lbs to 129.0 lbs 

139 lbs class- Bodyweight from 129.1 lbs to 139.0 lbs 

154 lbs class- Bodyweight from 139.1 lbs to 154.0 lbs 

169 lbs class- Bodyweight from 154.1 lbs to 169.0 lbs 

183 lbs class- Bodyweight from 169.1 lbs to 183.0 lbs 

199 lbs class- Bodyweight from 183.1 lbs to 199.0 lbs 

UNL class- Bodyweight from 199.1 lbs to unlimited weight


Depending on the number of teams, scoring per meet/ tournament will vary.  The girls will lift against other girls within their weight class.  In the FHSAA season, we compete in two lifts, the Bench Press with a Pause and the Clean & Jerk.  A lifter has to have a successful attempt in each of the two lifts in order to establish a total.  Within each weight class the highest total would take 1st place and score points according to the number of teams in the meet.  Once the meet is complete, all the points are tallied from each weight class for each team.  From the previous page, you can draw the conclusion that we have achieved so much success because we have filled all of our weight classes with quality lifters.  It is absolutely necessary for the next recruiting class to have the qualities to continue our successful ways. 

Programs Reload….Teams Rebuild.  Leesburg Girls Weightlifting is a proud program with a history of dominance. 

This program only wants individuals of the following nature: an unwavering commitment, an excellent work ethic, a quality member of society, a strong student, coachable, works hard to accomplish goals, loves the program, represents the program and the school with pride, and that will respect the lifters who came before to ensure that all of their hard work in creating our tradition of excellence doesn’t lose momentum. 

Contact information:

Coach Boyer

[email protected]

[email protected]

352-787-5047 (7147) School Phone

Season Run Down

Typical Season Run Down

Here is a brief explanation of how a typical season progresses:

1) Training is geared at preparing lifters to perform competition lifts in a safe and efficient manner.

2) The competition lifts are:  Bench Press with a Pause and the Clean & Jerk.  Each lifter will have 3 attempts at each competition lift during a meet.  Each lifters best Bench attempt and best Clean & Jerk attempt will be added to create a Total.  The highest totals will be ranked within each weight class to determine points.  

3) We want as many lifters as possible to participate.  Competition breeds success.

4) In a regular season meettwo lifters will lift for points per weight class.  If a team has more than two lifters listed in a weight class, from the same team, two lifters must be designated as those lifting for points.  The other lifters, not lifting for points, will still be able to compete, but they will be classified as "Exhibition Lifters" and will not count toward team points.  Scoring is based on how many teams are competing in that particular meet.

5) Each weight class is scored individually, and once all scores for all 10 weight classes have been tallied, the team scores will be compiled to determine which team scored the most team points to determine the victor.

6) A season will consist of at least 7 meets and no more than 13 meets.

7) At the conclusion of the regular season, the coach will determine the top 2 lifters for each weight class to enter on the State-Entry List.  The FHSAA has changed the rules to now allow 20 lifters Total, basically the Top 2 per weight class, to compete in the post-season Qualifying Meets.  The beautiful part about this sport is that the numbers don't lie.  The Top 2 competing per weight class for post-season qualifying meets will indeed be the strongest 2 lifters in each weight class for that team.

8) During regular season competition, a coach may move a lifter up only one weight class in an attempt to strategize their rosters.  A coach can NEVER compete a heavier lifter down a weight class.  HOWEVER, DURING QUALIFYING MEETSeach lifter has to weigh and compete within thier designated weight class as listed on the State-Entry list.  There is no manipualtion of moving a lifter up a class during the qualifying round.  

9) Qualifying meets are as follows: Sub-Sectional District meetSectional (State-Qualifying) meet; and the FHSAA State Championships.

10) In order for a lifter to move through the qualifying rounds, a lifter MUST place Top 3 in their weight class within the Sub-Sectional meet and place Top 3 in the Sectional meet to qualify for the FHSAA State Championships.

11) For those skilled enough to qualify for the FHSAA State Championships, the Top 6 lifters with the highest totals will medal per weight class.  

Queens of the Platform Timeline


Timeline of the Program

  • 2008/09 - Program established at Leesburg High School (1st year). 

-          2 girls qualified for Sectionals.

  • 2009/10 – Finished regular season 10-1.

-           Sub-Sectional Runner-Ups. 

-          5 girls qualified for Sectionals.

  • 2010/11 – Undefeated Regular Season.

-          Sub-Sectional Champions

-          10 girls qualified for Sectionals.

-          1st State Qualifiers (2- Both finished Top 10 at State Finals).

-          2 All-Central Florida Girls Weightlifting Honor Roll

  • 2011/12 – Undefeated Regular Season.

-          Sub-Sectional Champions

-          15 girls qualified for Sectionals (maximum allowed by FHSAA at this time).

-          3 girls qualified for FHSAA State Finals.

-          1st FHSAA State Medalists (3rd Place & 4th Place Medals).

-          4 All-Central Florida Girls Weightlifting Honor Roll

  • 2012/13 – Undefeated Regular Season.

-          Sub-Sectional Champions

-          11 girls qualified for Sectionals.

-          2 State Qualifiers (6th & 15th Place Finishes)

-          Academic All-State Team Champions

-          Breakfast of Champions Scholar Athlete of the Year Recipient.

-          3 All-Central Florida Girls Weightlifting Honor Roll

  • 2013/14 – 7-1 Regular Season.

-          Regular season winning streak broken (51 consecutive wins).

-          Sub-Sectional Champions (4th consecutive year).

-          6 girls qualified for Sectionals.

-          No State Qualifier

  • 2014/15 – 6-2 Regular Season (Not including tournaments)

-          7 girls qualified for Sectionals

-          1st Leesburg High School Sectional Champion (119 lbs class) in school history.

-          1 State Qualifier (14th place).

-          Daily Commercial Lake/Sumter Female Weightlifter of the Year recipient.

  • 2015/16 -  7-1 Regular Season (Not including tournaments)

-          District Runner-up Team. 

-          3 Individual District Champions

-          2 Individual Regional Champions

-          6 girls qualified to the FHSAA State Championships

-          3 State Medalists: 2nd Place (154 class); 4th Place (129 class); and 6th Place (119 class).

  • 2016/17 - 10-0 Regular Season (Not including tournaments)

-          District Runner-Up Team.

-          3 Individual District Champions

-          1 Individual Regional Champion

-          6 girls qualified to the FHSAA State Championships

-          2 State Medalists: 2nd Place (154 class), and 5th Place (183 class)


Our program’s history is rich with tradition.  It is of the utmost importance that the history of this program is known and remembered.  The history of the sports, at many schools, is too easily forgotten.  We have a duty to the girls who dedicated themselves in building a highly successful program to do our part in continuing the dominance of Leesburg Girls Weightlifting.  If you decide to be a part of this program, you will be held to a high standard, but it will be a price worth paying.  We, I and the dedicated lifters in the program, only want to surround ourselves with individuals that want to be a part of something great, that want to do their part in continuing our successful ways, and are committed to making sure our tradition isn’t tarnished on their watch.  This demands daily commitment.

If you commit to this program, don’t allow yourself to be persuaded by outside influences that may try to keep you from loving this program and all of our accomplishments or influences that don’t have the same faith in our journey to greatness.  We will reach all of our goals, so the question remains….Will you do your part in maintaining our tradition of excellence?