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Very important senior information about GRADUATION!

May 1st, 2017

Dear Parent or Guardian,

On May 19th 2017, your student plans to graduate from Leesburg High School.  We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this major event in the life of your teenager.  As your student moves on to their adult life, we wish them well.

Some of you have family and friends coming many miles for this occasion, and for some seniors this will be their only graduation ceremony. To maintain the dignity of LHS’ ninetieth graduation, there are some issues to bring to your attention. We ask that you give us your full support to ensure this momentous occasion runs smoothly.

Graduates are expected to dress in “Sunday best’ under their gown.  For Ladies: dressy pantsuit, dress, skirt and blouse and nice shoes. Remember this in on the field so spike heels are a challenge. For Gentlemen: a dress shirt and tie with slacks and nice shoes.  Please let them know that flip-flops, dirty athletic shoes, and jeans are not appropriate at this formal occasion

As you know, graduation will be held on the football field.  Seating begins at 5:30 pm and will hold at 6:45.  We encourage you to carpool as much as possible to keep traffic smooth.  It will be a bit different from previous years. The entire event will be seated on the home side, so please plan accordingly. Seniors will receive their tickets the morning of Graduation at practice.  They will each receive 10 tickets unless they have purchased extra.  Every person, including infants, needs a ticket. No tickets will be sold at the door. We will have plenty of ground level chaired seating, so families with handicap needs can ALL sit together.

Seniors will be required to be in the auditorium at 5:30, prior to graduation with cap, gown and tassel in hand.  Their cap, if decorated must be in good taste, or they will be required to purchase a new one to walk.  We will check to see that they are dressed appropriately and have nothing on them that could cause a distraction at graduation. Any seniors with alcohol or drugs on their breath or person will be asked to leave immediately and will not walk to receive their diploma.

Please reinforce that inappropriate behavior, “senior pranks”, or vandalism of school property will not be tolerated.  If there is suspicion or a senior is caught on school grounds without permission, law enforcement officers will be called and they will deal with the situation.  If this occurs, they will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremony and may pick up their diploma in guidance the following week.  Please help us encourage our students to finish strong.

In addition, all outstanding debts must be paid for your student to participate in the ceremony.  Contact Allison Auld 352-787-5047 et 7013, with questions.

If you have any questions regarding your students’ academic eligibility to participate in the graduation exercise May 19th, please call the guidance office.  We, like you, do not want any surprises that could spoil this significant occasion.

For your information, parking information is on the back of the graduation tickets. I look forward to seeing you on May 19th.




Dennis Neal, Principal


Melissa Padilla, Senior Sponsor

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