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Attention Students! Here are your election results for the appointment of the 2016 grade level representatives.


We would like to thank all who participated, and encourage everyone to get involved. To those who are elected to office today, please see Mr. Brengel for a welcome letter beginning tomorrow morning.


And now for the results!


For 9th Grade, we are happy to welcome Noah Burry, Taylor Woods, and Marshall Widmann.


For 10th Grade, we would like to congratulate Maria Flores, Autum Bankson, and Skylar “Dean” Rooney


11th graders- you unfortunately did not provide enough qualified applicants. 2 candidates did meet the application requirements, and we are happy to welcome Andrew Lockard and Anahi Sustasia to office. The SGA Executive Council will appoint the 2 remaining positions.


And finally!

For 12th grade office- please give a round of applause to Alyssa Frates, Maddy Davis, Trisha Royal and Noah Pruitt.


Congratulations to all our new members. Winners, again, please see Mr. Brengel tomorrow to pick up your victory letter, with details about our first meeting