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John Bell

Chef Bell (Culinary Arts)
Phone: 352-615-3653

Welcome to Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

My name is John G Bell CEC CE, A certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation. My love of cooking started over 40 years ago in a big Italian family. During School I was introduced to Home Economics and never looked back.

During High School a teacher named Pam Snyder saw a talent in me and believed a troubled kid could over come obsticles. I went to Baltimores International School of Culinary Arts. After finishing Culinary school, I apprenticed under Master Chef Joeseph Remkies for 5 years. I earned my first Chefs Certification as Certified Working Chef in 1987. After spending years in Aspen Colorado and running A 4 Star Restaurant I returned to Florida to work as a Corporate Chef and Trainer with several companies. Later to open a French Fine Dining restaurant in Ocala, Florida being rated a one of best restaurants in the state, earning a 4 Star rating. In 2001 Ms. Pam Snyder past away so I closed my restaurant to take over the Culinary Program at Lake Weir High in Ocala, to give back as was given to me.

Presently I serve as President of Gulf to Lakes Chefs and Cooks Assosiation along with being a Certified Culinary Evaluator for the American Culinary Federation. This past year I earned Lead Evaluator Certification and train others to evaluate Chefs testing for certification. I am constantly involved with current industry traveling and consulting for resorts and schools world wide. This gives my students great connections to this industry along with sharing 40 years of experience including owning three restaurants.

Students enrolled in culinary learn valuable skills that will help them in any career. These skills to often lost in classroom setting affords students oppertunities to problem solve, learn people skills, interviewing, leadership and professionalism. They run a catering buisness and restaurant that is open to the public given valuble work experience in a real world environment. They are forced to learn time management, work ethic and responsibility for choices.

The Jacket Cafe is open most Thursdays and Fridays from 11am till 12:40 pm.  Parents and guests are welcome to enjoy great food in a unique learning environment.

I look forward to teaching your students and sharing their accomplishments with you.

Chef Bell

2017-18 Culinary Academy

Welcome new students and past culinary students to a new and exciting year ahead.

The Leesburg Culianry Academy has some great new and exciting things instore for this school year. With adding three new advanced culinary corses that will surly excite and challange the exsperienced students. Our guest will also enjoy the rewards of the new curiculum and projects from these corses.

This year we will also have the option for students to order there own uniforms and hats. Or they can rent them from our program for the year. The rental ones are 25$ for the year and uniforms must be turned back in in good condition.

To but them the cost is between 30-40 depending on what the student wants on thier jackets.

The hats are ordered based on level of student as follows:

1st year students ( these are students new to the high school culinary academy) Thier middle school culinary does not count

1st year buys black Beret's

2nd year students buy white Beret's

Advanced students( 3rd or 4th year) buy striped Berets

All students must purchase a hat, jackets can either be rented or purchased. HATS ARE NOT OPTIONAL AND EACH STUDENT MUST PURCHASE ONE



I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience and connections with all of the culinary students.

Chef John G Bell CEC CE