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Danny King

Teacher - English 2
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Mr. King's English

LHS 2017-18

Mr. King - English 2

Room 3-201

[email protected]

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     Hello all and welcome to my spot on the new and improved Leesburg High School website!  My name is Mr. King, and I am proud to be a third-year member of the Yellow Jacket team.  I have taught both English 2 and English 3 here at LHS, and am excited to share my love of language with my students.  In my opinion, language is the most important achievement of humankind - through its study and use we can improve our lives.

     Below, please find a list of my classes and meeting times.  If your child says, "I'm in Mr. King's 3rd Period," now you'll know when we meet!  Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or if you need additional information.  I am always happy to talk with the parents and guardians of the awesome kids I have the honor to teach!

Daily Schedule



1st Period English 2   7:20-8:10am 1st Period English 2   7:20-8:02am
2nd Period English 2   8:15-9:05am 2nd Period English 2   8:07-8:49am
3rd Period English 2   9:10-10:00am 3rd Period English 2   8:54-9:36am
4th Period English 2   10:05-10:55am 4th Period English 2   9:41-10:23am
My Lunch Lunch (A)   11:00-11:32am My Lunch Lunch (A)   10:28-11:00am
5th Period English 2   11:37am-12:27pm 5th Period English 2   11:05am-11:47pm
6th Period Planning   12:32-1:22pm 6th Period Planning   11:52-12:34pm
7th Period English 2   1:27-2:20pm 7th Period English 2   12:39-1:20pm
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