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Gary Wesolowski

2D Art 1 and 2 Honors Drawing, Honors Design Studio Art AP

Important imformation

Announcements for All


The 2nd semester lab fee is overdue please try and pay through the webstore on the main school page any art student that has not paid by this deadline will be placed on the debt list

  • Your $15 fee covers all art supplies. The fee is 20.00 for advance classes please!
  • Fee can be payed in class in cash, check to LHS, or Money Order.
  • If fee arrangments need to be made please contact me for details.
  • Their is a webstore on the school website if you want to pay directly to LHS

Thank you for your promptness!


  • Activities include: Salvador Dali Museum, Chihuly Glass Exhibit, Glass blowing Deomonstration, ClayWorks studio tour and lunch
  • If you wish to chaperone please click below to fill out county paperwork