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Interested in Tennis?

Stop by Coach Broadway's, room 5-201, for more information and to sign-up for the team and an introductory exhibition to be held for all those interested. 

You do not need to be good, or know how to play: I will teach you all I know!

Bring a friend if you like. The tennis season is a great way to meet other players and great students athletes across the county who are also new to tennis. Not to's just dang fun!

Goals for '17 Spring Season

Goal #1: Build our Numbers

This year will be our building year. It is no mystery that the community of Leesburg is disadvantaged and as well that tennis is generally an expensive sport that does not get the following it deserves despite our living in an area that gets an extraordinary amount of attention from Professionals, the Assosciation of Tennis Professionals (the ATP) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA). 

It will be our goal as a team and a community to improve Leesburg High Tennis in both numbers, talent and success. It will be difficult, but it will be accomplished. We plan to do this through implementing for the second year a "no-cut" program which, in partnership with the USTA's National No-Cut Schools Program, will open our team to the options of Professional Tennis Instructors visiting our practices, affording us discounts in equipment and supplies and garnishing great notice from colleges, universities and the ATP tour when we begin to generate outstanding youngs players. 

I ask all those interested in playing tennis or even learning for the first time to spread the word and encourage those to look for community and city run programs to begin playing. 

Goal #2: Build Our Resources

As I said earlier, tennis can be an expensive sport, but that does not mean we can not raise the money, resources and local sponsorships to pay for the equipment we need. We will start by supporting the LHS Athletics primary fundraising initiative, the Platinum Royalties Card. I have sat with our Athletic Director Jerry Shafer during the introduction of this rewards card and have seen the insane, money-saving benefits that it will provide to those in our community that choose to purchase a card. For every card purchased our Athletics Program will receive the majority of the proceeds to generally fund our athletics programs throughout the school. 

We will take that fundraising initiative further. We will coordinate 2 car washes and volunteer our time with the Boosters as well as brainstorm way s in which funds can be raised directly for our tennis program. We will investigate our USTA No-Cut resources and in concordance look for sponsorhsips. 

To build our resources we must raise funds for equipment that will improve our team over the years. On that list are: a ball machine, 4-6 new student rackets, reusable uniforms, a healthy stock of tennis balls and consumable equipment such as strings, grips, dampeners, etc. As well we will attempt to raise enough funds in order to maintain a 1-2 times per year training session with a USPTA coach to help us improve our game. 

Goal #3: Build Our Talent

We can only build our talent through consistency and participation. Which means, we will begin to assess and work with local middle schools and those prepared to attend LHS to guage and develop interest in learning tennis and develop those skills at a younger age. This will provide our High School with players that are ready and prepared to become better every year. 

Tennis does not need to be learned on an expensive clay court to create a world-class player. I'm confident that through these goals we can develop the level of players that the Lake County was once famous for producing and that we can at the minimum be a competitive force in District, Regional and State competitions.